Definitions for "VRML "
Virtual Reality Markup/Modelling Language
Virtual Reality Modeling Language.,, of the page)
(Virtual Reality Modelling Language) a computer language used for creating 3-D models.
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irtual eality odeling anguage. Gives a 3D effect to images, sometimes allowing you to 'move' through them.
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This is a parser for VRML
StudioTools can export VRML 1.0 files. StudioTools does not currently import VRML 1.0/2.0 files. VRML files contain polygon information that is often textured. VRML files use the .wrl extension.
Used for describing 3D spaces in which users can view and navigate. These are not pre-rendered like movie files, but rendered on-the-fly (in realtime as the users move within them) from the descriptions of the geometries.
A document encoding protocol that provides for robust audio, video, and interactive elements.