Definitions for "VIDEO"
VIOLENCE: general, may use with TELEVISION, SCHOOL, etc.; also where mass violence occurs
The portion of communications that we see with our eyes: still pictures but mainly motion pictures.
Pertaining to picture information in a television system or monitor system.
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a song or album available for download is
"Video" is a song by Jeff Lynne
It's the first album of Pakito. It's a dancefloor album with big electro sounds.
For web site video, see Basic Web Resource Site: Adding Video with HTML. - Does not cover object tags - see SAMPLER OF EMBEDDING PARAMETERS FOR QUICKTIME, prticularly SCALE MOVIE PARAMETER.
see QuickTime, and Video for Windows.
a good way to learn better strategies
an excellent way of capturing these details, allowing the couple and their guests to relive the event in quieter moments for years to come
a wonderful way to document and preserve memorable occasions, organizational events and business activities
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With a compatible handset you can now send a video, a sound clip and a text wherever you want - from the UK or abroad. Video Messaging is simple & fun to use just like Text Messaging and Media Messaging. Just create your video using the camera on your mobile and include it into a message. Alternatively, choose to download entertainment, sport, and news & weather video clips from O2 Active  Go to Video Information
a must - even if you can't afford a professional find a media student or lecturer at your local college or uni to do it
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The output form an NTSC (PAL, SECAM) source or that input on a Jupiter Wall Controller- as differentiated from graphics
The medium of delivering information created from the recording of real events to be processed simultaneously by a learner's eyes and ears. Compare to audio, text, graphics, and animation.
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an ideal way for a group of teachers to get together and group problem-solve about what could be done to improve the quality of teaching," says James Stigler , author of "The Teaching Gap," a book that explores how teaching differs across cultures
a nice remembrance of your wedding, though not as lasting as still photographs
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a bad cartoon
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a hoax, lets take a break
production services, streaming. See Webcast
a one-stop source for professional equipment and production support nationwide and internationally
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a great idea as well
a great take-away gift for the interested buyer
a great way to impress a prospective client and raise funds for your organization
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an online DVD rental company that targets the mixed-martials arts customer
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One of four short films about a married couple and their lives, available in Level 3 only.
A tape format used in industrials & commercials of slightly lesser quality than film.
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Create an Alert
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a longer slice of time than a photo
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a like a band's baby
a very powerful communications tool, but it is important to understand it's function
a perfect system for reducing the cost of distribution of these products
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a popular sex and
a public statement while a support group is private
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How is video used on the web