Definitions for "Picture-in-Picture"
Keywords:  pip, vcr, tuner, inset, television
aka PIP. A feature found on televisions that allow a second picture to be superimposed onto the primary image on screen. In order for the picture to display a different channel than the primary screen, a second tuner is required. The second tuner may be built into the television (2 tuner PIP) or the tuner from a VCR may used (1 tuner PIP).
There are two flavors of picture-in-picture: 1-tuner PIP models require that you connect a VCR or other video component to provide the source for your second picture. 2-tuner PIP models have two built-in TV tuners, so you can watch two shows at once using only the TV. Originally, PIP allowed viewing of multiple channels or sources by creating a small inset image overlaid on the main image. With the shift to widescreen displays, the inset type of PIP is gradually being replaced by "split screen" designs that are sometimes referred to as POP (picture-outside-picture) or PAP (picture-and-picture).
Picture-in-picture is a television feature in which you can see one program inside a small window on the screen, while watching another program on the large background screen. You can choose whatever you wish – you can watch two TV programs simultaneously or you can watch TV and video or DVD at the same time.