Definitions for "vcr "
VCR enables you to record TV programs using a video4linux-compatible video grabber card. It doesn't require a graphical environment, and by using the avifile library, it can use popular Windows codecs for realtime encoding.
VCR is a non-interactive text-console video recorder for video4linux supported capture cards. It can real-time encode video using popular Windows codecs like DivX ;-) etc.
a videocasette recorder.
An electronic device for capturing the flotsam of the airwaves and granting it an immortality denied to saints and sages.
VCR is a rock band that does not bill themselves as "adventure funcore" but continues to be called so. The band comes from Richmond, Virginia.
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Virtual Configuration Register
Virtual Communication Relationship. Configured application layer channels that provide for the transfer of data between applications. FOUNDATION fieldbus describes three types of VCRs Publisher/Subscriber, Client/Server, and Source/Sink.