Definitions for "Digital 8"
Digital 8 compresses video using standard DV compression, but records it in a manner that allows it to use standard Hi-8 tape. The result is a DV "box" that can also play standard Hi-8 and 8 mm tapes. On playback, analog tapes are converted to a 25 Mbps compressed signal available via the i-Link digital output interface. Playback from analog tapes has limited video quality. New recordings are digital and identical in performance to DV; audio specs and other data also are the same.
camcorders record on highly affordable standard Hi8 or 8mm tapes They're less expensive than comparable DV tapes.Digital recording acquires much more information than analog, Digital would be 500 lines of resolution vs. Hi-8 analog would be approx. 400 lines of resolution. Digital8 compression enables you to capture a full hour of high resolution Video on a standard 2 hour (120 mimute) Hi-8 tape.
Digital high-resolution camcorder format found predominantly on Sony camcorders. It is backwards compatible with 8mm and Hi8 formats.