Definitions for "BETA"
Beta is a risk measure comparing the volatility of a stocks price movement...
A statistical measure of a stock's volatility compared with the overall market. A beta of less than 1 indicates lower risk than the market; a beta of more than 1 indicates higher risk than the market. (See volatility.)
A measure of the magnitude of a portfolio's past share-price fluctuations in relation to the fluctuations in the overall market (or appropriate market index). The market, or index, has a beta of 1.0, so the price of a portfolio with a beta of 1.50 would be expected to rise or fall by 15% when the overall market rose or fell by 10%.
Beta versions of commercial software are work-in-progress test copies released prior to the full version. They're used to put the product through real-world tests and to ferret out bugs before the finished software hits the shelves. Betas often expire after a period of time, usually when the full version or the next beta is released.
A term used to describe the phase of software testing in which many copies of a software program may be distributed to the general public. This allows the software to be tested under "live" conditions.
The preliminary or testing stage. Commonly used when describing the pre-release phase of new software. The beta version comes after the alpha version.
the name of Sony's professional, half-inch video tape format and the equipment that shoots, records and edits the format.
A 1/2 inch videotape format incompatible with VHS format. The professional form of this format is used by broadcast companies and is not compatible with the "home" version.
Consumer videocassette record/playback tape format using half-inch wide magnetic tape. The Beta system was the first consumer videocassette (VCR) format introduced by Sony in the mid 1970s. Although the format produces a higher quality video signal than VHS, marketing blunders by the Japanese electronics giant sealed the fate of the format. Sony continues to manufacture Beta format videocassettes and VCRs as there still is a small established market for them.
Beta radiation is a light, short range particle, and actually an ejected electron. Beta radiation may travel several feet in air and is moderately penetrating. Examples of some pure beta emitters: strontium-90, carbon-14, and tritium.
The current gain of a transistor, symbolized by the Greek letter B (ß). The ratio of collector current to base current in a transistor, when the collector-to-emitter voltage is kept constant. May be DC or AC ratio for small or large signals.
The current that is gained by a transistor when it is connected in a common emitter circuit.
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From computer terminology for a trial version tested by users, it refers to a draft story that is being reviewed by a someone other than the author, usually referred to as a "Beta Reader." "Unbetaed" means that no one else has reviewed spelling, grammar, etc. "To beta" is the act of reviewing a story.
Like a proofreader or editor, these folks read a fanfic before it's posted. Some are good at catching spelling/ grammar/ continuity mistakes, and some are not. Usually they are just frequent visitors to forums without any credentials.
proof-reader/editor/first victim. the person who reads a story before it is posted on the net to stop it being posted as an incoherent mess of...well, messness. a beta is thus a good thing to have when you are making fic happen. make sure your beta can spell.
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Information, tricks to help you figure out the moves required to climb. From "BetaMax" - as though the climb is on tape.
Inside information about a climb e.g. trick moves or protection
Any information received about a Route prior to climbing it.
(BA-taw) cell A cell in the pancreatic islets of Langerhans that secretes the hormone insulin.
cells Cells within the pancreatic islets that produce both insulin and amylin.
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(Hindi): son.
son (also used to address boys who are not necessarily one's own child)
Beta (Hindi: बेटा, Urdu: بیٹا, translation: Son) is a 1992 Bollywood movie directed by Indra Kumar. The film featured the pairing of Madhuri Dixit with Anil Kapoor, who were previously paired in Tezaab and Parinda. The film is perhaps best remembered for the hit song "Dhak Dhak Karne Laga", which earned Dixit her nickname as the "Dhak-Dhak Girl" ("dhak-dhak" = heartbeat).
EEG waves of =13 Hz; a variation of adrenergic receptor
receptors: Adrenergic receptors that bind the hormones norepinephrine (noradrenaline) and epinephrine (adrenaline); includes Beta 1 and Beta 2 subtypes that regulate heart rate, myocardial contractility, and vascular tone (tension in blood vessels)
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the second rank in the social order of a wolf pack. A pack may also have both a beta male and a beta female. A wolf at this rank will usually dominate all of the other wolves in its gender except the alpha wolf.
The stage of development after the alpha portion of the game.
The name of a second phase in the internal structure of certain copper alloys, generally harder and less ductile than the alpha phase. The beta phase renders the alloy more ductile when hot and less ductile when cold.
The user-specified upper bound on the probability of making a Type II error, i.e. P(fail to reject H0 | H0 is false)
The probability of not rejecting a null hypothesis when it is false (Type II error).
the probability of a Type II (false-negative) error. In hypothesis testing, b is the probability of concluding incorrectly that an intervention is not effective when it has true effect. (1-b) is the power to detect an effect of an intervention if one truly exists.
The second letter of the Greek alphabet, B, ß. See B, and cf. etymology of Alphabet.
1. The second letter of the Greek alphabet. 2. The second item in a series or system of classification. 3. A) A beta particle. b) A beta ray.
n. indecl. beta, the second letter of the Greek alphabet.
Beta is an extremely winter-hardy variety of North American grape derived from a cross of the Vitis labrusca-based cultivar Concord and a selection of Vitis riparia, the wild riverbank grape, called Carver).
thalassaemia. Inherited disorder of haemoglobin involving underproduction of the β-globin chain occurring most commonly in persons from the Mediterranean region and Indian subcontinent.
Is calculated by dividing the number of particles entering the filter by number of particles exiting the filter. B10 represents the filtration ratio at 10 micrometers of the ratio of upstream to downstream particles larger than 10 micrometers. See filtration beta ratio.
A sub-atomic particle emitted from certain radioactive atoms when they decay. An beta particle consists of an electron formed when a neutron decays into a proton, and ejected from the nucleus of the atom at almost the speed of light
particle an electron produced in radioactive decay.
Parabolic Reflector/Baffle, MIRO satin matte aluminum
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Early 1970s design for a VTOL SSTO
Interferon: A protein liberated by fibroblasts in response to a viral infection.
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That state of mind we are in during most of our waking hours, the thinking mode
Normal, waking state produced by your thinking mind (15-40HZ). This is the state we are in as we go around functioning in the world.
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A dubious piece of advice.
sheet A planar secondary structure of proteins that is created by hydrogen bonding between the backbone atoms in two different polypeptide chains or segments of a single folded chain. ( Figure 3-8)
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Beta is a time signal service in the VLF range in Russia, especially used by military offices.
blockers: A group of medications that slow the speed and force with which the heart pumps blood. This reduces the workload of the heart. Back to Previous Page
A constant used in a mathematical expression relating resistance to absolute temperature. Not suitable over a wide temperature range as Beta itself varies with temperature. Honeywell uses 0 °C and 50 °C to calculate Beta.
The beta of a plasma, symbolized by β, is the ratio of the plasma pressure (p = n kB T) to the magnetic pressure (pmag = B²/2μ0).
An area within the play environment where somewhat older children (typically 3-7 years old) would be found demonstrating their play behaviors. More rigorous and challenging equipment, such as climbers, are typically included.
A development milestone where the User Interface is frozen and the product is highly stable.
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Pronoun in the first person used y a king
The site is built in it’s entirety at this point. The site is published locally for the client to review and make any final changes before being published on line for the general public.
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A type of "1/2 tape used for editing and recording video.
(tm)ከራ[ edit
A brain frequency that is between 16 and 30 c/s. It is the one most associated with physical activity, and external focus. The more physically active the person is, the higher the Beta frequency. On an average, the brain frequency of an active person settles around 20 and 21 c/s.
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See Material constant (Beta, ß).
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A type of radiation
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