Definitions for "False"
Not according with truth or reality; not true; fitted or likely to deceive or disappoint; as, a false statement.
Not genuine or real; assumed or designed to deceive; counterfeit; hypocritical; as, false tears; false modesty; false colors; false jewelry.
To mislead by want of truth; to deceive.
In Visual Basic, this boolean value is zero.
1. The boolean value false. 2. The Lisp object nil .
(see boolean).
Not faithful or loyal, as to obligations, allegiance, vows, etc.; untrue; treacherous; perfidious; as, a false friend, lover, or subject; false to promises.
not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality; "gave false testimony under oath"; "false tales of bravery"
inappropriate to reality or facts; "delusive faith in a wonder drug"; "delusive expectations"; "false hopes"
Not well founded; not firm or trustworthy; erroneous; as, a false claim; a false conclusion; a false construction in grammar.
erroneous and usually accidental; "a false start"; "a false alarm"
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To betray; to falsify.
(Korn/Bash builtin) command that always returns an unsuccessful or logical false result.
Logical opposite of true. In a program, when a condition is false, the actions governed by the condition will not be performed. In C language programming, false has the value of zero.
FALSE is a constant which returns the value of a logical false. Usually zero in most systems. Related Words: TRUE 0= IF
Uttering falsehood; unveracious; given to deceit; dishnest; as, a false witness.
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Not truly; not honestly; falsely.
deliberately deceptive; "hollow (or false) promises"; "false pretenses"
That which disagrees with a literal interpretation of the Bible, especially Genesis.
final folklore formulation fully
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Not in tune.
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inaccurate in pitch; "a false (or sour) note"; "her singing was off key"
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an action that is intended to fail, but draw a predicted reaction from the opponent; also, the back edge of a sabre blade.
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when the end bud is shed and a nearby side bud acts as the end bud; a scar marks the site of the shed bud and lies beside the false end bud.
arising from error; "a false assumption"; "a mistaken view of the situation"
Not essential or permanent, as parts of a structure which are temporary or supplemental.
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The unique false object, .
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To report falsely; to falsify.