Definitions for "Certain"
Keywords:  doubt, fate, inevitable, sure, assured
Assured in mind; having no doubts; free from suspicions concerning.
Not to be doubted or denied; established as a fact.
Actually existing; sure to happen; inevitable.
Keywords:  unfailing, infallible
Unfailing; infallible.
definite but not specified or identified; "set aside a certain sum each week"; "to a certain degree"; "certain breeds do not make good pets"; "certain members have not paid their dues"; "a certain popular teacher"; "a certain Mrs. Jones"
A clinical event, including an abnormal laboratory test result, which occurs in a plausible time in relationship to drug administration and cannot be explained by concurrent disease or other drugs or chemicals. The response to withdrawal of the drug (dechallenge) should be clinically plausible. The event must be pharmacologically or phenomenologically definitive, with the use of a satisfactory rechallenge procedure if needed.
Not specifically named; indeterminate; indefinite; one or some; -- sometimes used independenty as a noun, and meaning certain persons.
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A certain payment is one that will be received by either the annuitant if he/she is alive or by his/her beneficiary, if the annuitant is deceased. The term is synonymous with "guaranteed".
Determined; resolved; -- used with an infinitive.
Fixed or stated; regular; determinate.
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Keywords:  quantity, number
A certain number or quantity.