Definitions for "Skepticism"
An undecided, inquiring state of mind; doubt; uncertainty.
The doctrine that no fact or principle can be certainly known; the tenet that all knowledge is uncertain; Pyrrohonism; universal doubt; the position that no fact or truth, however worthy of confidence, can be established on philosophical grounds; critical investigation or inquiry, as opposed to the positive assumption or assertion of certain principles.
A doubting of the truth of revelation, or a denial of the divine origin of the Christian religion, or of the being, perfections, or truth of God.
The ancient Greek skeptics were dedicated to the investigation of concrete experience and wary of theories that might cloud or confuse that experience. Conversely, modern skeptics are wary of the reliability of sense experience.
There are two senses of this term. In ancient Greece, the skeptics were inquirers who were dedicated to the investigation of concrete experience and wary of theories that might cloud or confuse that experience. In modern times, skeptics have been wary of the trustworthiness of sense experience. Thus classical skepticism was skeptical primarily about theories, while modern skepticism is skeptical primarily about experience.
A form of objection elicited when the sales person makes claims that are hard to believe. This causes the prospect to require proof of performance. This objection is common to the problem solving sales model in which a problem is discovered and then the sales person presents his/her solution without first structuring and factoring in "irrefutable logic." Through the use of irrefutable logic the sales person would ask the prospect to make the claims rather than the sales person. (See irrefutable logic)
The belief that all beliefs can be proved false; thus, to avoid the frustration of being wrong, it is best to believe nothing.
A way of thinking in which the level of belief in a proposition is matched to the level of physical evidence for that proposition. Under this view, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Often confused with "cynicism". Reference section 1.3
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the epistemological view that we have no knowedge (can be applied globally or to a certain area of knowledge).
The view that something is not or cannot be known; the attitude of questioning and testing one thing, some things, or all things.
In ordinary usage, skepticism or scepticism (Greek: skeptomai, to look about, to consider; see also spelling differences) refers to