Definitions for "Frustration"
The act of frustrating; disappointment; defeat; as, the frustration of one's designs.
the emotional state induced when one is blocked from reaching a goal. (559)
A feeling of anger or disappointment at not being able to achieve a goal or obtain something that you want. After waiting five minutes for the light to change at the intersection, the drivers began honking their horns in frustration. back
"is when a lighter applies to one more weighty, and before he can come to a perfect Conjunction of him, he gets to a Conjunction of a third, and this is called Frustration; for Example suppose Saturn in 20 degrees of Aries, Jupiter in 19 Aries and Mars in 1 of the same Sign, here before, Mars gets to Conjunction of Jupiter, Jupiter gets to a Conjunction of Saturn, by which means Mars is frustrated." [PA
When a planet applying to an aspect is deflected by a third before the aspect is complete, it is described as having been frustrated. Used in Horary Astrology.
Occurs when a contract cannot be performed because of events beyond the control of the parties.
The premature determination of a contract owing to the occurrence of an intervening event or a fundamental change in circumstances not contemplated by the parties at the outset.
Law of contract – allows certain events relating to the object of the contract to release both parties from future performance of their contractual obligations
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An alternate term for Abscission. See abscission.
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When you start tearing your hair out after something that has gone wrong