Definitions for "Rage"
Keywords:  anger, violent, fury, passion, vehement
Violent excitement; eager passion; extreme vehemence of desire, emotion, or suffering, mastering the will.
Especially, anger accompanied with raving; overmastering wrath; violent anger; fury.
A violent or raging wind.
Rage (Elvin Haliday, sometimes "Holiday") is a fictional character, a comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. He is African American. Rage was created by Larry Hama and Paul Ryan in The Avengers #326 (November 1990).
Rage is a 1972 film starring George C. Scott, Lee Remick, Richard Basehart, Martin Sheen, Barnard Hughes, Nicolas Beauvy, Paul Stevens, and Stephen Young.
Rage is a gay fictional superhero in a comic book of the same name within the US television series Queer As Folk (Showtime), not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character Rage (comics), an African-American superhero.
Keywords:  enrage
To enrage.
RAGE, the receptor for advanced glycation endproducts is a 35kD transmembrane receptor of the immunoglobulin super family which was first characterized in 1992 by Neeper et. al. Its name comes from its ability to bind advanced glycation endproducts (AGE) which is thought to result in pro-inflammatory gene activation (Bierhaus et al). Besides AGEs RAGE is able to bind other ligands and is thus referred to as pattern-recognition receptor.
Keywords:  australian, keg, mess, piss, ruin
a good old Australian or New Zealand party, but piss up is to spoil, ruin or mess up, rather than to put on a keg
Australian music video program broadcast on ABC TV on Friday and Saturday nights. It was first screened on the weekend of Friday, April 17 1987.
Keywords:  orbison, t'pau, lonely, roy, album
Rage is the second album by late-1980s British rock group T'Pau. It reached Number Four on the UK album chart and gave the group three hit singles - "Secret Garden" (a UK Top 20), "Road To Our Dream" and "Only The Lonely" (not a cover of the Roy Orbison song!).
Keywords:  zeal, fads, maybe, exaggerated, latest
an interest followed with exaggerated zeal; "he always follows the latest fads"; "it was all the rage that season"
an interest that someone follows with very much energy, maybe too much energy
Keywords:  ravage, cairo, plague, prevail, fatal
To ravage; to prevail without restraint, or with destruction or fatal effect; as, the plague raged in Cairo.
Keywords:  wantonly, sport, toy, act
To toy or act wantonly; to sport.
To drink and cavort, to socialize and have a good time, all to a higher degree than merely "to party."
This is the robotics team, RAGE stands for Robotics and Gadget Engineering - web site
Radiative Adaptive Grid Experiment
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Rage is a heavy metal band from Germany, formed in 1983.