Definitions for "Adaptive"
Describing the ability to react to change; in a network, adaptability allows the network to function despite changes in the environment.
Behavior that results in a reinforcing outcome or serves a specific purpose.
adj. (uh-DAP-tiv) Any behavior that enables an organism to adjust to a particular situation or environment
Scheduling algorithm whereby a thread's priority is decayed by 1. See also FIFO, round robin, and sporadic.
Refers to the ability of the DCLZ algorithm to "adapt" or change to accommodate differences in the type of data to be compressed.
(adj.) Taking available information into account. For example, an adaptive mesh-generating algorithm generates a finer resolution mesh near to discontinuities such as boundaries and corners. An adaptive routing algorithm may send identical messages in different directions at different times depending on the local density information it has on message traffic. See also oblivious
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Developing an individual's strengths and conditioning the ability to overcome a disabling condition. [Click Here to Return to List
Sweep rowing or sculling for people with physical or intellectual disabilities/limitations. (Pictured here, adaptive rowers on the dock)
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having a capacity for adaptation; "the adaptive coloring of a chameleon"
Adaptive training programs adapt themselves to the skill level or preferences of the learner. Haven't seen one in over ten years. At best, some programs use the pre-test to enable students to "test out" of certain lessons.
A system which encorporates a model of the user to which it automatically adapts to, so the system is personalised to each user.
Subject to ADAPTATION; can change over time to improve fitness or accuracy.
Subject to adaptation; able to change over time to improve fitness.
when referring to immunity, the cellular response involving lymphocytes and the establishment of immune memory.
Each question you ask (say to an oracle) can depend on the answers to the previous questions. If A and B are complexity classes, then AB is the class of languages decidable by an A machine that can make adaptive queries to a B oracle.
A type of bridge or switch which can use cut-through or store-and-forward techniques as needed.
Suited, given, or tending, to adaptation; characterized by adaptation; capable of adapting.
Referring to technology and content that adjust to match the individual person and situation.