Definitions for "Dock"
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An artificial basin or an inclosure in connection with a harbor or river, -- used for the reception of vessels, and provided with gates for keeping in or shutting out the tide.
The slip or water way extending between two piers or projecting wharves, for the reception of ships; -- sometimes including the piers themselves; as, to be down on the dock.
To draw, law, or place (a ship) in a dock, for repairing, cleaning the bottom, etc.
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The solid part of an animal's tail, as distinguished from the hair; the stump of a tail; the part of a tail left after clipping or cutting.
A case of leather to cover the clipped or cut tail of a horse.
to cut off, as the end of a thing; to curtail; to cut short; to clip; as, to dock the tail of a horse.
A genus of plants (Rumex), some species of which are well-known weeds which have a long taproot and are difficult of extermination.
any of certain coarse weedy plants with long taproots, sometimes used as table greens or in folk medicine
Any of several varieties of the hardy perennial herb from the perennial herb from the buckwheat family. The most strongly flavored variety is "sour dock." The mildest form is "dock sorrel," also known as "herb patience dock."
To pierce pastry dough before baking to allow steam to escape and prevent blistering of the dough.
To pierce pastry dough before baking, allowing the steam to escape and preventing blistering of the dough.
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A holder for a personal digital assistant (PDA) that also connects to a power source and a computer. When the PDA is placed in the dock, its battery can charge and the data on it can be synchronized with the data on the computer.
An iPod cradle that connects to a PC to charge the battery and transfer songs. Select HP Media Center PC models have built-in docks.
A cradle for the iPod that connects to a computer for charging the battery and transferring songs. Some Docks can connect to your computer via either USB 2.0 or FireWire®, while others just use USB 2.0.
External docking (expansion) chassis for notebook computers
To insert a portable computer into a base unit. Cold docking means the computer must begin from a power-off state and restart before docking. Hot docking means the computer can be docked while running at full power. See also warm docking.
To connect a laptop or notebook computer to a docking station. See also: docking station; hot docking; undock
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Hayden Scott-Baron (Better known as Dock, born April 6, 1980) is an English professional illustrator and graphic designer. In 2001 he joined up with other comic creators Laura Watton, Sam Brown/Subi and Foxy in founding one of the largest UK Manga Studios, Sweatdrop Studios.
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The area of the stage where the scenery is stored
The offstage area where scenery is stored when not in use.
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Usually located at the bottom of your screen, the dock contains the Finder and all other currently active programs (applications). Aliases for applications, folders or files can also reside in the dock. When a window is minimized, it goes to the dock.
A row of icons at the bottom of your screen. The Dock gives you instant access to the things you use most. You use the Dock to organize documents, applications, websites, servers, folders, and more. The Dock combines and adds to the functionality of the Windows Start menu and Taskbar.
The “Thank God” we made it point in Arcadia. The Dock is the 40, 16, & 10 mile take-out. A few trips up and down the stairs at the dock and the blood starts flowing in your bottom again. Working the dock will give you buns of steel.
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To manipulate an interface element, such as a toolbar, in order to align it with the edge of another interface element, typically a window or pane.
The Dock is a graphical user interface feature first introduced in the Ne XTSTEP and OPENSTEP operating systems, and radically changed and refined in Mac OS X, where it behaves more like the Apple Newton's Newton OS Dock.
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The place in court where a criminal or accused person stands.
The stand in which the accused is placed.
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Navigation Dorade Parts
To separate or attach the main window and a subwindow.
This is the ability to attach your MP3 player to another system. By docking, you can make your computer, or a sound system, play from your MP3 as if it was a native device.
To attach or connect, usually one hardware device to another.
a long walkway extending out into water
an area of water between
Exiting the water.
A medical professional, not sure why the term shows up in a nautical dictionary.
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A Military Hospital.
A space used for receiving merchandise at a freight terminal.
an enclosure in a court of law where the defendant sits during the trial
Flying 2 or more separate formations (each containing 2 or more people) together to form another maneuver
deprive someone of benefits, as a penalty
To insert or remove a device in a computer system.
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See application dock.
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v. (HR) To have sex.