Definitions for "Chine"
Keywords:  hull, kayak, intersect, boat, sponson
the inclined side of hull or sponson; also "non-trip."
The region of the hull where the side of the boat transitions to the bottom. The chine can be "hard" where this change is a sharp angle, or "soft" where the change is smooth and rounded.
The line of intersection between the sides and the bottom of a flat or V-bottom hull.
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A chink or cleft; a narrow and deep ravine; as, Shanklin Chine in the Isle of Wight, a quarter of a mile long and 230 feet deep.
an Isle of Wight (and Dorset) word for a deep channel cut through cliffs by a river
A chine is a steep-sided river valley where the river flows through coastal cliffs to the sea. Typically these are soft eroding cliffs such as sandstone or clays. The word chine originates from the Saxon "Cinan" meaning a gap or yawn.
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The edge or rim of a cask, etc., formed by the projecting ends of the staves; the chamfered end of a stave.
Too chamfer the ends of a stave and form the chine..
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The backbone or spine of an animal; the back.
A piece of the backbone of an animal, with the adjoining parts, cut for cooking. [See Illust. of Beef.]
To cut through the backbone of; to cut into chine pieces.
A deliverer; a man of China, cotemporaneous with Moses and Capilya. He was to China a great deliverer. He was an iesu by birth, and wrought miracles. The country, China, was named by him after himself. (After his death, and his body was reduced to ashes, Jehovih caused a wind to gather up the ashes, and restore Chine to life for seven days, during which time he preached before the kings and the people. Then Jehovih sent down a ship of light, and bore Chine up to heaven.) See doctrines of Chine, this work.
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Grave Scow
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Parts Chock Parts
Type of textile that has polychrome patterns that have been resist-dyed on the warp previous to weaving.
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The body of the vertebrae.