Definitions for "Mooring"
Keywords:  buoy, anchor, boat, ashore, pier
The act of confining a ship to a particular place, by means of anchors or fastenings.
That which serves to confine a ship to a place, as anchors, cables, bridles, etc.
The place or condition of a ship thus confined.
Mooring or Bökingharde Frisian (Böökinghiirder frasch) is a dialect of the North Frisian language spoken in Niebüll and the amt of Bökingharde in the German region of North Frisia. The name Mooring refers to the Risum Bog (Risem Moor or Risem Måår). The dialect forms part of the mainland group of North Frisian dialects.
Keywords:  seabed, drilled, sand, pin, rock
a metal pin that is drilled into the seabed, and it is either put into sand or rock
Keywords:  tackle, fast, craft, place, terminated
a place where a craft can be made fast
The place where, or the object to which, a vessel can be made fast by means of mooring tackle so designed that, when such attachment is terminated, some portion of the tackle remains below the surface of the water and is not under the control of the vessel or its operator.