Definitions for "Intersect"
Keywords:  overlap, bsp, intro, unreal, geometry
An action that will leave only the section of the builder brush that is overlapping with additive BSP geometry. For more on using the Intersect button, see the Intro to Unreal Ed document.
To cut across or overlap. Circles sometimes intersect each other on a map.
Creates a path enclosing the area common to all selected, closed paths. Stroke and fill attributes of the object farthest back are applied to the resulting path.
Binary intersect, generates unique values in common between two sets. select sname, major from student where major = 'COSC' INTERSECT SELECT sname, major from student where major = 'MATH';
The topological integration of two spatial data sets that preserves features that fall within the area common to both input data sets.
Keywords:  cross, apex, roadway, meet, cut
To cut into or between; to cut or cross mutually; to divide into parts; as, any two diameters of a circle intersect each other at the center.
To cut into one another; to meet and cross each other; as, the point where two lines intersect.
To cut, or divide an object by crossing it with a line, or plane.
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a join that produces a listing that contains only the rows that appear in both tables
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