Definitions for "apex "
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The tip, top, point, or angular summit of anything; as, the apex of a mountain, spire, or cone; the apex, or tip, of a leaf.
The top of the tooth root
The pointed tip of the heart formed by the right and left ventricles.
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An advance purchase excursion. Such tickets can be purchased for a discount directly from the airline, or consolidator. However, as it says, 'advanced purchase' strictly applies. From the UK, as a general rule this is 21 or 30 days.
Advance Purchase Excursion fares, usually the lowest available. Must be purchased in advance (usually 7-30 days) and include stay restrictions. [Submitted by Bazz
Advance purchase excursion fare.
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The end or edge of a vein nearest the surface.
End of the prostate gland nearest the penis. Also see mid and base.
The top or terminal edge of a vein on surface or its nearest point to the surface.
The area of a wing usually furthest from the body, where the costa meets the termen (plural: apices).
the portion of the leaf furthest from the petiole
Apex (altitude physiology expeditions) is a high altitude medical research charity. It is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and was founded in 2000. It has conducted two high altitude research expeditions to the Chacaltaya high altitude laboratory, in Bolivia.
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the end of an organ (either leaf, branch, filaments...)
the white, conical linen hat worn by a flamen, symbol of his sacred office. It sometimes had a branch – a short wooden rod with a rounded-off end – protruding from its top. If the apex fell from the head of a flamen during a rite it was considered a terrible omen and the flamen was forced to resign.
Blossom end of the berry
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Atacama Pathfinder Experiment
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Fix for arriving flights at Nellis AFB, Runway 21. Nellis 025 degree radial at 09 miles
apex is a general purpose Web server that was designed with the busy sysadmin in mind. It runs on both Unix and Windows. It strives to be simple and concise, yet powerful. It installs a default home page with customized links based on its single configuration file. It supports basic authentication to secure access to sensitive links with simple password protection.
apex is a simple, yet powerful, perl-based web server that runs on both unix and windows.
A triangle of brickwork, usually at the end of a house, that supports the roof.
Intersection of the two boundary lines of a contracting triangle.
Apex was an experimental radio broadcasting system introduced in the United States in 1934 that used high frequencies between roughly 25 and 42 MHz to achieve high fidelity sound with less static and distortion on AM stations. They were called "apex", "skyscraper" or "pinnacle" stations because of the height of the broadcast antennas used.
The direction toward which the Sun is moving with respect to the local standard of rest.
The direction the Earth is traveling toward located 90 degrees west of the sun. Meteors seen from this direction will be the fastest of all since they orbit in a retrograde orbit and the encounter the Earth in a "head on" collision. Apex radiants are separated into north and south branches due to the lack of meteors with zero inclination. The centers of these two branches are located 15 degrees north and south of the ecliptic, 90 degrees west of the sun.
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a B" become self-explanatory
Medium leaved white clover. See Apex infromation sheet
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top of spores, cystidia etc.
top portion of the upper lobes of the lungs.
The top portion of the tree.
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The outlet located at the bottom of a cyclone.
The flat area at the bottom (closed) shape of a V-retainer cross section or the total flange width (including any gasket). ( Click here for full definition.)
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The anterior-most part of the cell.
Part of the plant (omnipotent cells) from where all plant parts develop
see American Philatelic Expertizing Service.
Compound Horsepower Red and yellow flag White and red flag
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Same as Peak
Also peak. The upper or lower junction of letters such as "A" and "M", or "V" and "W".
Accepted Practices Exchange. An initiative of the meetings, conventions & exhibitions industry managed by the Convention Industry Council (CIC). APEX develops and manages the implementation of accepted practices (voluntary standards) for the industry.
A reinforcing rubber component that provides stiffness in the bead area
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refers to a type of roof which has a central ridge that runs along the centre of the building.
The APEX server is a portable address and port exchange service. Its purpose is to allow other applications to exchange their current IP and port, status and application information.
Action Plan for Educational Excellence (state education funding)
a member in good standing with California Multiple List and the California Manufactured Housing Institute