Definitions for "Petiole"
Keywords:  leafstalk, stalk, leaf, stem, blade
A leafstalk; the footstalk of a leaf, connecting the blade with the stem. See Illust. of Leaf.
A stalk or peduncle.
A stalk holding a leaf
The second 'true' abdominal segment of a chalcid, which connects the mesosoma and the gaster; the petiole is the first segment of the metasoma and is more or less tube-like when there is a distinct constriction between the mesosoma and metasoma, and band-like when the mesosoma and metasoma are broadly joined. [drawing][photo
( Pe-tee-ole): the second abdominal segment; the segment directly behind the propodeum; followed by the post-petiole in some species.
In entomology, the term petiole is most commonly used to refer to the constricted first (and sometimes second) metasomal segment of members of the Hymenopteran suborder Apocrita; it may be used to refer to other insects with similar body shapes, where the metasomal base is constricted. Occasionally, it is alternatively called a pedicel, but in entomology, that term is more correctly reserved for the second segment of the antenna.