Definitions for "Rachis"
The spine; the vertebral column.
Same as Rhachis.
the portion of the petiole or stem to which the green leafy part of the plant (fern) is attached
The main stem bearing flowers or leaves.
The upper part of a pennatulacean (Sea Pen). The part of a Sea Pen which bears the polyps.
An extension of a conidiogenous cell-bearing conidia.
Keywords:  conidiophore, zig, zag, spore, fungi
In fungi: A conidiophore elongating to one side of a terminally produced spore, often resulting in a zig-zag-shaped structure. ( 22)
Keywords:  medullary, rainforest, ray
Rainforest Ray (medullary ray)
The area of attachment between seeds and other seeds or between seeds and other parts of the plant. A brittle rachis is an adaptive feature under natural conditions, but, since it makes harvesting more difficult, it is selected against by humans through artificial selection.
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