Definitions for "Pinna"
The auricle of the ear. See Ear.
external part of ear (pl. pinnae)
The most visible portion of the external ear.
Keywords:  frond, leaflet, fern, leaf, division
A leaflet of a pinnate leaf. See Illust. of Bipinnate leaf, under Bipinnate.
One of the primary divisions of a decompound leaf.
One of the divisions of a pinnate part or organ.
Any species of Pinna, a genus of large bivalve mollusks found in all warm seas. The byssus consists of a large number of long, silky fibers, which have been used in manufacturing woven fabrics, as a curiosity.
A Mediterranean bivalve that makes lustrous pearls that deteriorate rapidly because of their unusual crystalline structure and high water content Also sought for its edible flesh Pmargaritifera