Definitions for "External"
Not intrinsic nor essential; accidental; accompanying; superficial.
Something external or without; outward part; that which makes a show, rather than that which is intrinsic; visible form; -- usually in the plural.
outward features; "he enjoyed the solemn externals of religion"
Outward; exterior; relating to the outside, as of a body; being without; acting from without; -- opposed to internal; as, the external form or surface of a body.
Outside of or separate from ourselves; (Metaph.) separate from the perceiving mind.
Literally: outside. Usually refers to someone, or some influence, that is not part of or from the organization or the project team. [D02750] RMW
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1. adj. describing something that is not part of the central component of a program or computer, as in, "My DIR files are external to the Projector." 2. n. an Xtra, XObject, DLL or other auxiliary component, as in "This program requires several externals."
an external student in respect of a unit is a student undertaking study by a mode that does not require regular attendance at the institution; utilising distance education materials (including online or print based unit handbooks and study guides, assessment materials, etc) and interaction with academic staff through such means as e-mail, online access, residential schools and weekend schools.
Away from the main campus or offices. An external degree may be earned by home study or at locations other than on the school's campus.
Unit offerings are internal unless otherwise indicated (that is attendance is required at the campus identified). A unit identified as offered externally, that is there is no requirement for attendance, is identified with a nominal enrolment campus. A unit offered both internally and externally from the same campus is identified as having both modes of study.
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ROTATION. Eversion
In Chinese: Wai Referring to the use of muscular force or mechanical energy in the physical body.
external muscular force
a big plastic rectangle that's about half the size of a shoebox and more than double the size of the Echo
filter Any filter not kept inside the aquarium, but connected with hoses. Canister filters are an example of these.
Outwardly perceptible; visible; physical or corporeal, as distinguished from mental or moral.
n. A function or variable which is referred to, but not defined, by some source file (or object module). Often shows up in the error message ``undefined external'' printed by a linker when a definition cannot be found.
Away from the mesial plane of the body; lateral.
the location of illnesses such as fevers and skin eruptions / on the surface of the body
A disruption of the nonverbal communication bond between two people so they no longer share an emotional state or connection between the right hemispheres of those two separate persons.
Interference: The effects of electrical waves or fields which cause spurious signals other than the desired intelligence, e.g. noise.
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a class that is not built into pd but is loaded at runtime
Enterprise - Environment which may contain many or all of the following: Managed Services, contractors, temporary employees, multiple organizations, private to public registry systems.
Foreign; relating to or connected with foreign nations; as, external trade or commerce; the external relations of a state or kingdom.
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a third party plug-in
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link to a node in a different database. See Database