Definitions for "Attendance"
League attendance in 1999 surpassed one million (1,130,322) for the fourth consecutive season. The Arizona Rattlers led the circuit for the second straight season, averaging 15,055 per game. ArenaBowl XIII, held in Albany, NY, drew 13,652 spectators, a sellout.
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In the House, roll opens ten minutes prior to session. The white light on the voting board is pressed to record presence. The clerk calls the roll in the Senate.
Students are expected to be present and on time for all scheduled classes and laboratories. In cases where a student is tardy or absent, the student is responsible for materials or assignments presented in his/her absence. The degree to which attendance affects a student's final grade will be determined by the individual instructor and stated in the course syllabus.
In 2002, attendance rates are a Gold Performance Acknowledgment indicator. Rates are based on student attendance for the entire school year and are calculated as the total number of days students were present in 2000-01 divided by the total number of days students were in membership in 2000-01. Only students in grades 1-12 are included in the calculations. For more information see Table 3 - Gold Performance Acknowledgment Standards.
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The persons attending; a retinue; attendants.
The act of attending; state of being in waiting; service; ministry; the fact of being present; presence.
Waiting for; expectation.
An encounter where the healthcare user goes to the healthcare provider.
Attention; regard; careful application.