Definitions for "Sap"
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To subvert by digging or wearing away; to mine; to undermine; to destroy the foundation of.
To proceed by mining, or by secretly undermining; to execute saps.
A narrow ditch or trench made from the foremost parallel toward the glacis or covert way of a besieged place by digging under cover of gabions, etc.
Student Assistance Program
Satisfactory Academic Progress. To continue receiving aid in the federal programs, students are required to maintain an adequate academic standing consistent with the school's policy.
Satisfactory Academic Progress. Among other requirements, you must maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree or certificate in order for you to continue to receive financial aid. The percentage of hours you successfully complete (as a percentage of hours attempted), the length of time needed to obtain your degree, and your grade point average are all taken into consideration.
Service Advertising Protocol is a Novell routing protocol used with RIP.
Service advertisement protocol. IPX network protocol that allows to list available network services.
Service Advertising Protocol. A protocol that provides a way for services to advertise on a NetWare internetwork.
Structural Adjustment Program. See also structural adjustment.
Second Audio Program. In a BTSC-encoded television sound carrier, a monaural audio subcarrier that can be used to transmit supplemental foreign language translation audio or other information.
Second Audio Program. A second audio channel, used to carry an alternate sound signal such as a soundtrack in a second language on a TV broadcast channel.
SERUM ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE. An enzyme present in the blood that is produced in many body tissues and is of greatest diagnostic significance in diseases of the bone and liver.
See serum amyloid protein.
Super Absorbent Polymer, Semi Alkaline Pulp
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The juice of plants of any kind, especially the ascending and descending juices or circulating fluid essential to nutrition.
The sapwood, or alburnum, of a tree.
The fluid in plants ...
Systems, Applications, Programs = A presently hugely popular German Management Organization System and software.
The County Council's supplier of the corporate ERP system.
1) A German software company or its American branch. 2) The accounting software package developed by SAP.
South African Police, the main police force in South Africa.
Specific Area Plan. Defines proposed Villages within the Horizon West development in west Orange County. Orange County requires an SAP in order to establish the specific land uses, development standards, road network, etc. within a specific newly proposed Village (e.g. The Village of Bridgewater, Lakeside Village, Town Center Village).
Sap is a village and municipality in the Dunajská Streda District in the Trnava Region of south-west Slovakia.
Safety Assessment Principles (for nuclear plants).
State Assessment Panel (NHT and Victorian Grants)
Standard Assessment Procedure (government endorsed energy rating system for homes, giving properties a score out of 120 whereby a score of 120 is the most efficient and 0 the least)
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The Science Activity Planner software, used for MER operations. The development team for this product won NASA's 2004 Software of the Year Award.
Abbreviation: Science Activity Planner
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A simpleton; a saphead; a milksop.
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Satellite Accumulation Point. Is designated at or near the point of generation for the accumulation of hazardous or universal waste. The generator may accumulate no more than 1 quart of an acute hazardous waste or 55 gallons of other hazardous waste No hazardous waste, including universal waste, will be accumulated at the SAP for a period no longer than six (6) months.
Single Additional Payment . ?50 payment available from NASS to asylum seekers who have been receiving NASS support for an unbroken period of six months.
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Stakeholder Advisory Panel. ABB holds group level stakeholder consultations at least once per yar with a top-level Stakeholder Advisory Panel. The members in the panel may shift depending on the topic of the consultation.
Sentencing Advisory Panel
Statutory Adoption Pay
Statutory Accounting Principles
See statutory accounting practices.
One of the world's largest software companies, SAP provides a suite of software that supports integrated processes, simplifies service provision and cost management, and distributes the information needed for informed planning and decision making. Accenture has a 30-year partnership with SAP.
Simplified Acquisition Procedure
Systems, Application and Products for data processing
Single Anchor Production - Involves placing a multi-path production swivel on a seabed anchor. Can be used in most water depths and is expected to have a large potential in combination with subsea production equipment.
System Application and Products: SAP is both the product name and the name of the company.
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To make unstable or infirm; to unsettle; to weaken.
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Security Advanced Party (or Patrol). These are the Officers that go ahead in advanced of the Principal, to conduct surveys of intended locations for visits by the Principal. Again, this role will be performed by the more experienced members of the PES (in small teams), or else by a separate squad (in larger teams). This is one of the most important roles within the Close Protection Team.
Study abroad programme (programme designed)
Structural Adjustment Programme
SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAMME. Health Canada can authorize a manufacturer to release any drug that has not yet been approved for sale in Canada on an emergency basis - including drugs in clinical trials. To apply for an un-licensed drug through the SAP, you must ask your doctor to contact the programme. Pharmaceutical companies do not have to provide the drug, and there may be a cost decided on by the company.
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Sampling and Analysis Plan
Statistical Analysis Plan A detailed document describing the variables to be analysed, statistical analyses to be used and the data presentations.
Species Action Plan
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Sap is an Alice in Chains studio EP, released on March 21, 1992 through Columbia Records.
The technology behind Duke's Project Enterprise. See the University of Nebraska's SAP project glossary.
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To pierce with saps.
Semi-Armour Piercing (bomb)
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A lot of tears and OOC as characters act in a 'Love Story' fashion, never mind their real character
Substance Abuse Professional. A person who evaluates employees who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation and makes recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare.
Systems and Applications Products - the company that supplies the R/3 software which is used for all financial, HR and plant maintenance transactions and reporting at UCT.
The equivalent of blood in a plant that can be found in the stems, branches and leaves.
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Singapore& s Action Party
Keywords:  excavate, beneath, earth
excavate the earth beneath
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Same as brake club; also called the staff of ignorance. To set hand brakes is to sap up some binders.
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fluff taken to the extreme; sweet enough to give you cavities.
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Sapphire (jewel series 6/0)
deplete; "exhaust one's savings"; "We quickly played out our strength"
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referring to soap (_Sapindus_ = "soap + India")
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a person who lacks good judgment
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stress activated protein
a piece of metal covered by leather with a flexible handle; used for hitting people