Definitions for "Set-top box"
External receiver that converts broadcasts (such as analog cable, digital cable, or DTV) for display on a television. HDTV-ready TVs must be connected to a compatible HDTV tuner set-top box in order to receive digital television programs.
A descendant of the old-fashioned cable converters, these bring services such as the Internet to your television.
A tuner or converter, cleverly named for where it usually sits in proximity to the TV. A set-top box may be a digital tuner that receives a digital TV signal and converts it to an analog signal that an older TV can understand. Cable TV and DBS systems will also require a set-top box for DTV.
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a must for DTH
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See IRD.
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a device that basically turns a TV set ino a user interface to the Internet
equipment that acts as an interface between a network and a TV.