Definitions for "HDMI"
A digital interconnection arrangement among HDTV devices that carries video, audio data (in uncompressed digital form) and control signals. HDMI used a single interconnecting cable of maximum length of 50 ft. approx. The cable terminates in a special 19 pin miniature connector designed for this purpose. The audio/video data transmitted across the HDMI interface is protected by the HDCP protocol for reasons of security. HDMI allows bi-directional transmission, enabling interactivity and flexible control arrangements.
Is a single cable that is used to carry digital audio and video data. The HDMI connector can have problems due to cable stress on the connector.
Similar to DVI (but using much smaller connectors), the multi-pin HDMI interface transfers uncompressed digital video with HDCP copy protection and multichannel audio. Using an adapter, HDMI is backward-compatible with most current DVI connections.