Definitions for "Scan converter"
A term formerly used in the place of “transceiver” for still video systems.
A machine used to convert RGB (Web colors: Red, Green, Blue) signals to NTSC (television and video standards in the United States), PAL (dominate television standards in the rest of the world) or SECAM (video standards for many countries excluding the United States) video signals. Scan converters give you the ability to view your computer screen on a standard television monitor, or conversely, watch television on your computer screen.
Also called "video converter" or "TV converter", a scan converter is a device that changes the scan rate of a source video signal to fit the needs of a display device. Examples: computer-video to NTSC (TV), or NTSC to computer-video.
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a memory that accepts data in one scan format and outputs it at a later time in a different scan format