Definitions for "Downconvert"
The process which reduces the number of pixels in the scanning format used to represent an image, so that it may be reproduced on a display of lower resolution, such as a conventional television. For example, an HDTV image may be downconverted to an SDTV or NTSC image, but in the conversion significant detail information may be lost.
The conversion of a higher resolution television signal to a lower one. For example, some networks broadcast HDTV at 1080i, while many plasma screens display 752 lines. Therefore, the signal must be downconverted to be displayed on the screen. Because of the many different resolutions used in home theater, downconversion and upconversion processes are frequently required. The quality of the process varies by manufacturer and viewer preference.
converting HDV to SD, or converting any higher resolution image to a lower resolution. Sony cameras can accomplish this internally, but any NLE can accomplish this task.