Definitions for "HDTV"
HDTV, which stands for high definition television, is a digital TV that usually includes progressive scan inputs. It produces a more detailed picture when connected to a compatible DVD player that has progressive scan outputs. HD-capable TVs generally have these inputs, too.
High-definition TV; the idea of improved spatial resolution with an improved temporal resolution, improved color rendition, fewer artifacts, a wider aspect ratio, and multi-channel sound. Common name for several proposed standards for improved image quality.
High Definition Tele Vision
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Host Hub And Spoke Program (hasp)
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VLC (Variable Length Coding)
a big-ticket item, so it's no wonder buyers are still very concerned with performance issues such as rainbow effect and burn-in
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a great way to get yourself started
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Host. hypertext
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a much better way to view DVDs than a regular TV
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a concern of yours
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