Definitions for "Interlaced"
Keywords:  flicker, ntsc, odd, interleave, scan
A display technique in which each TV picture, or frame, is produced using two sequential fields. One field contains the off-numbered lines of the frame, and the other the even-numbered lines. The TV tube, or image, is scanned twice, with the lines of two fields interweaved, or interlaced. The technique eliminates visible flicker which can be annoying at low frame rates.
graphics are often converted to an "interlaced" format. Interlacing causes the graphic to display on the web page as it loads, thus giving the illusion that the graphic is loading more quickly. A "blurry" version of the graphic appears first and details are added later. If graphics are not interlaced, the browser will display the graphic only after it has loaded the entire file. (The larger the graphic file size, the more noticeable the difference garnered from interlacing.)
A common way to compress video is to interlace it. Each frame of an interlaced ...
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Interwoven; intercrossed.
this is said of lexicalized isotopies whose sememes alternate in sequences or chains that are at a lower level than the dimension of the period.
having a pattern of fretwork or latticework
A way of layering photos on the web so that viewers see a "lighter" version, rather than waiting for each individual photo to appear before moving on the the next photo.