Definitions for "Overscan"
Keywords:  raster, crt, viewer, television, border
Display ing less than the complete area of a TV image to a viewer (i. e. , scanning inside the Active Image area). All TV sets are overscanned by a few percent. Some professional devices, such as standards converters, perform the overscan and crop. Synonyms: Overscanning
Is a measurement of what part of the picture that is being sent to the TV that is not being displayed. Excessive overscan can cause you to miss seeing 5 to 10 percent of the picture. A good indication of this being a problem is when you see sporting event clocks and scores that are only partially displayed.
The "spreading out" of a television image by the raster scan method of display so that the edges of the picture are off the edge of the television tube. This guarantees no unsightly borders in the television picture.