Definitions for "Viewer"
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A viewer is a graphical representation of a certain form of the world that is displayed to the computer user during each round. Depending on what information is available, a viewer may present a bird's-eye view representation of the grid field and situation at hand, the world statistics of each grid (such as the number of agents required to remove the debris and/or number of survivors), and/or the information of an agent's energy level.
A program designed to display files in certain formats. For example a viewer for image files, viewer for media files, etc. Acrobat reader is an example for a viewer of PDF files. ACDSee is a common viewer for image files.
A software utility that allows you to open and view any of a variety of file formats (typically GIF and JPEG)images online. WWWebfx Home Page
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a model-based adapter on an SWT widget
a model-based adapter on a widget
a wrapper for an SWT control, adding a model based interface to it
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person viewing content or ads on the Web. There is currently no way to measure viewers.
A pop-up browser window that contains your IVT, including photos, text and clickable content like maps, thumbnails and floor plans. The entire window is custom-branded to match your Web site.
an individual who has viewed a web page with an adwall; viewers are a more reliable measure of adwall visibility than impressions as it is more difficult for a publisher to increase a viewer count artificially See also: click, CPM, impression
an individual watching television.
a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind); "the spectators applauded the performance"; "television viewers"; "sky watchers discovered a new star"
a template that can be used to expand the other members of the package into a human-readable form (only HTML presently supported)
In the Publishing Framework, a custom-written template that contains HTML tags for formatting result set package content for view-only transports, such as e-mail. The viewer file is applied to the package during package publishing. A viewer file is particularly useful for rendering a SAS data set in a tabular format for viewing in e-mail. Also, it is useful for streaming dynamic information in the form of a binary file or a URL for inclusion in an electronic newsletter format.
The superintendent of a coal mine.
A mining engineer
A person appointed to inspect highways, fences, or the like, and to report upon the same.
A class of remote infrared sensing equipment. This class of-equipment creates an image of relative radiation levels but does not allow any direct readout of intensity values. This kind of equipment is quite useful for police, fire, and security use. Viewers have been used effectively for many years in the qualitative analysis of maintenance inspections.
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the agent, manager, and head of the colliery establishment, who in his absence deputes his authority to the under-viewer.
a special kind of simulated object of type CySimObj
a redistributable component that developers may optionally provide to their customers or IT staff
an optical device for viewing photographic transparencies
A mechanical and optical device designed to permit examination of an enlarged image of motion picture film during editing.
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a tool which lets you view the data offline
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a GUI specific implementation
an interactive invited family member or friend of the traveler
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see Integrated fax viewer
Special software often needed to view certain multimedia items on the Internet.
A system running the Remote Control Viewer window, usually the console.
The Presenter, Co-Presenter, or Participants watching the video broadcast.
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One who views or examines.