Definitions for "banner "
an online advertisement that appears on a web page that is usually hyperlinked to an advertiser's web site.
A graphical advertisement that is typically positioned at the top or bottom of the web page, in a margin, or in another space reserved for ads. A standard banner is considered to be a 468 x 60 pixel image. See also ad, creative, rich media.
A small image that appears on a webpage. A banner is an advert for a website, product, or service. This small image will usually be linked to a place that could make you money. Banners have been on the web since it's beginning almost, and are still used today to send horny surfers off to places where they MIGHT just start making you money.
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Banner is the name of the College's administrative computing system. This system stores and retrieves student information, grades, financial aid data, and many other types of information. Students may access grade information through Banner Online on the PCC home page.
The vendor’s name for the software package that we are implementing at Oakton as the basis for our new student records and information system.  This system will replace the current OakSTAR system.
Banner is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system selected by the University of Illinois to integrate and manage its student, financial and human resources systems applications. ()
A kind of flag attached to a spear or pike by a crosspiece, and used by a chief as his standard in battle.
A large piece of silk or other cloth, with a device or motto, extended on a crosspiece, and borne in a procession, or suspended in some conspicuous place.
Any flag or standard; as, the star-spangled banner.
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The enlarged upper petal of a flower of the pea family (Fabaceae).
Uppermost, often largest petal of many plants in the pea (Fabaceae) family.
a good idea but I think a logo in the fashion of a coat of arms, or like the Roman legions had different symbols to identify regiments and such
a graphic for the lower third of the screen featuring the name and logo of your business or organization
a piece of cloth on which a logo, slogan or symbol is written or painted
a sign painted or fabricated on fabric mesh or flexible plastic, placed between supports above or along a roadway or highway
A sign made of a film or fabric, which has no enclosing framework. Banners are typically decorated with applied vinyl or are screen printed, and usually include grommets at its corners and some sides. Banners may be rolled-up for storage and are usually used for short-term, periodic, and/or indoor use.
A sign made of fabric, plastic or other non-rigid material which has no enclosing framework. May be painted, screen-printed, digitally printed or decorated with vinyl. Brushed finish -- A non-glossy, textured finish applied to metal for decorative purposes.
a standard, a signal pole, an ensign
a temporary sign of lightweight fabric or similar material that is mounted to a pole or building
A long strip of cloth etc. bearing a slogan or design and usually carried on two side-poles or two horizontal poles.
In a dialog box, an application-defined static text field that provides a specific prompt to the user.
An image (default or self-selected) or text selected to appear at the top of the Course Area, above the upper text block.
an image containing text and/or pictures
knight who led a significant number of troops into battle was entitled to carry a banner. This banner, emblazoned with his device or a badge or a recognizable symbol, was useful for rallying troops inn the confusion of battle. The form of the banner was largely dependent upon the rank of the knight and size of his contingent. Knights with small household units, called lances or on their own typically bore a small triangular pennant rather than a banner. Knights with larger groups were known as knights banneret, a rank that seems to have been vaguely formalized during the 14th century. See Chronique: The Journal of Chivalry #11.
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BGM blank BouncyCastle Bugzilla
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The demesne of a mid-level Ileshian noble, in the West such a charter is usually held by a Thane.
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The banner, in the context of Australian football, is a large crêpe paper construction made weekly by each team's cheer squad. When hoisted before each game, it reveals an encouraging message to the team; then, as the players take to the field, they run through the banner, breaking it. The banners have become standard at all AFL games.
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To display text in huge, ugle letters on the console or to the printer. Format: banner -w [width] message Working example: banner -w 45 This is a test
The name of a publication as it is displayed on the cover.
banner(1V) display a string in large letters
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To see one's country's banner floating in a clear sky, denotes triumph over foreign foes. To see it battered, is significant of wars and loss of military honors on land and sea.
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a great help to people trying to find a booth they promised to come back to
a great help to people trying to find your booth who had promised to return (those customers are called B-Backs
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banner is a classic-style banner program similar to the one found in Solaris or AIX. The banner program prints a short string to the console in very large letters.
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a popular greeting for your guests for any party theme you plan
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(WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
an administrative division below a county but above a town and a township
a square that contains words, sprites and other pictures
A setup or downloadable message which is scrolled across the main menu screen to attract or inform a player.
The categories that run across the top of a computer-generated report table.
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Official journal of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War where the General Orders of the Commander-in-Chief are published, along with news and articles concerning the Order.
an expansion of the cross-tabbing found in general statistics or database packages
an Event or Holiday that appears at the top of events you specify in the Calendar
a great opportunity to visually express your company's brand -- the catch-all term for your company's colors, attitude, style, and message
a good way to explore animation, because the implementation is easy to follow, and the same basic techniques can be applied to more complicated animation
a posted notice informing users as they log on to a network that their use may be monitored, and that subsequent use of the system will constitute consent to the monitoring
a registered user, please fill in the user profile
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unusually good; outstanding; "a banner year for the company"
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a good way to get noticed but you need the words in the text link to be picked up by the search engines
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a good chance to point out your activity at very low cost
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a measurement tool
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Information given to you when you log into or access a system.