Definitions for "Township"
The district or territory of a town.
In surveys of the public land of the United States, a division of territory six miles square, containing 36 sections.
In Canada, one of the subdivisions of a county.
a much larger area, administered from a central town
a small town, and a 'suburb' is a housing area around a city
Urban residential areas which housed African workers disenfranchised by the Group Areas act of 1950. Rentals only; this term does not include freehold or slumyard areas.
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an area laid out by the original government surveyor
a settlement often consisting of a mix of informal rustic shacks and new government houses with water and electricity
A township, in the context of New Jersey local government, refers to one of five types and one of eleven forms of municipal government. It is a political entity as any typical town, city or municipality, collecting property taxes and providing services such as maintaining roads, garbage collection, water, sewer, schools, police and fire protection. The Township form of local government is used by 27% of New Jersey municipalities.
The lower level administrative unit, formarlly covering a township, but in rural areas covering a group of villages.
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Township, is the township coordinates on the USGS maps.
In England, Township generally means the district or area associated with a town. However in some systems no town need be involved. The term township has been generally been made obsolete in its original form.