Definitions for "PLS"
Pregnant Leach Solution. Acidic copper-laden water generated from stockpile and heap leaching. PLS is used in the SX/EW process.Primary sulfides (chalcopyrite) Sulfide dominated ores such as chalcopyrite and bornite that are typically located beneath secondary sulfide ores.
File extension (.pls) for Playlist files used with media players?.
DisorderTracker2 Sample or WinAmp MPEG PlayList File Shoutcast File
Pure live seeds. Percentage of pure germinating seed determined by multiplying by the pure seed percentage by its own germination percentage and dividing the product by one hundred.
primary lateral sclerosis. A progressive neurological disease in which the upper motor nerve cells deteriorate. If the lower motor neurons are not affected within two years, the disease usually remains a purely upper motor disease.
Pure Live Seed. the product of the percentage of germination plush the had seed and the percentage of pure live seed, divided by 100.
Place last seen. The last place the person of interest was seen.
Point (or Place) Last Seen - The location where the missing subject was actually seen by another person.
Planning Level Survey.
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palletized loading system
palletized load system
Panhandle Library System serves 14 counties in western Nebraska with an office in Scottsbluff.
Programmable Limit Switch PMAC - A PMAC dedicated to the control and monitoring of the limit switches which guard the antennas from collisions when in the innermost array configuration.
Plugging Switch
Partial Least Squares. A technique producing very similar models to Principal Components Regression or Structural Equation Modelling in which the latent variables are constructed in a way that maximises their covariance with the dependent variable.
See Project Life Span
Product Lifecycle Services or Sourcing. Also Project Life Span
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Plasma Subsystem
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Post-thrombotic leg syndrome
abbreviation for Publishers' Licensing Society, the agency for negotiating and redistributing dues payable from licensed photocopying etc. to publishers.
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physical signaling sublayer
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palate, soft
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Policy Letters
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Phone Store Locator System
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Personal Light Source
Please Are