Definitions for "Senescence"
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The state of growing old; decay by time.
Nodules formed on the root of a host have a finite life span, usually 50-60 days. Plants can have several "crops" of nodules in a single growing season, and in leguminous trees current nodules may be at some distance from the stem. The breakdown of nodules over time is called senescence.
The aging process. Sometimes used to describe lakes or other bodies of water in advanced stages of eutrophication. Also used to describe plants and animals.
Terminal life phase of plants, characterized by the irreversible deterioration of tissue.
the growth phase in a plant or plant part (as a leaf) from full maturity to death
death of a leaf triggered by an increase in the enzymes that promote the breakdown of plant cells. Begins when shorter days and cooler temperatures occur.
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(See "In vitro senescence")
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when a cell ceases to divide.