Definitions for "AGE"
That part of the duration of a being or a thing which is between its beginning and any given time; as, what is the present age of a man, or of the earth?
The latter part of life; an advanced period of life; seniority; state of being old.
One of the stages of life; as, the age of infancy, of youth, etc.
Astrological epoch, one-twelfth of the Sun cycle or precession of the equinoxes lasting 2160 years.
An interval of geologic time; a division of an epoch.
An interval of geologic time shorter than an Epoch.
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the right belonging to the player to the left of the dealer to pass the first round in betting, and then to come in last or stay out; also, the player holding this position; the eldest hand.
The player immediately to the dealer's (or button's) left; so called because he is the player who received the first card during the initial deal. Also "eldest hand".
First position to the left of the dealer (A, Able, or Edge).
arterial gas embolism. Commonly called "air embolism," this pressure-related injury can occur on ascent when a diver fails to exhale or exhales insufficiently, causing expanding air to rupture lung tissues and enter the bloodstream. If circulation is blocked by the air bubbles, a strokelike injury occurs. Requires recompression in a chamber.
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Advanced Glycation Endproduct
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Fried tofu that comes in both thick and thin types. Used in stir frying, grilling, stews and soups and absorbs flavors beautifully.
That period of life in which we compound for the vices that we still cherish by reviling those that we have no longer the enterprise to commit.
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to rise
(ah-gay) Rising
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How long a whiskey, rum or brandy has been stored in the barrel.
Seniority, length of service.
Term of time in service, usually referring to seniority.
Refers to Aerospace Ground Equipment.
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generally one needs to be 18 to get bodmods done legally
A long time.
The period of time someone has been alive or something has existed.
The amount of time necessary to wait between the molding and appraisal of molded part properties.
Application Gateway Emulator
The whole duration of a being, whether animal, vegetable, or other kind; lifetime.
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The people who live at a particular period; hence, a generation.
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A great period in the history of the Earth.