Definitions for "Needs"
Of necessity; necessarily; indispensably; -- often with must, and equivalent to of need.
Children need models rather than critics. Joseph Joubert
The socio-economic problems which an intervention aims to address, expressed from the point of view of its target population. For example, the need to improve job opportunities for long-term unemployed workers who may suffer from a lack of relevant skills. See also objectives, target population.
a breadth of membership that will make it truly representative of archaeology in Greater London
a first-class front end that can stir up excitement and feeling, get readers coming back daily and hourly, and get them to funnel that excitement into membership, and have something for that membership to do beyond throwing fliers
a truly left-wing party
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an ex-Steeler
requirements that a person must meet or satisfy for good health.
a brouhaha during holidays which are supposed to represent "peace on earth and good will to men
a dose of good old fashion British Colonialism
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a masquerade
a populist Democrat, no more DLCers please, to send Arnold back to Hollywood where he belongs
a hard-core Stalinist purge of all those Lefitsts who have been ruining it
a more active "corps", because the "core" cannot carry the load alone for an extended period of time
Innate feelings of deprivation in a person. Result from a discrepancy between an actual and a desired state of being. See Wants.
An internal state of tension caused by disequilibrium from an ideal/desired physical or psychological state.
The desire for something a person feels is worthwhile.
a backstroke race next season between the Knicks and Trail Blazers to claim his services
a consistent policy for claims awarded and denied
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an umanned space tug to help finish the ISS
The estimated costs for constructing publicly owned wastewater conveyance or treatment facilities or funding activities that are eligible for SRF assistance under the CWA.
a committee made up primarily of space scientists that meets regularly who would be assigned the task of defining the long term and ongoing plan
a complex task
a group of scientists free from all conflicts of interest
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a triforce of its own
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a dozen or more goofy teens drafted each year, most of whom are destined for failure
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a few more very talented wrestlers
a person to represent the reality of the limits to its strength and influence to its own people
a respected national politition with a large amount of influence that agrees with us on the voting age issue
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The hot button of the Seeker.
That which people require to survive.
a complete change of direction, if it is to survive and compete in an increasingly competitive environment
States of biological or social deficiencies within the body. go to glossary index
Deficiencies a person is feeling at a particular time.
a database service and text search and retrieval system (Nikkei)
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a Scottish advocate to drive its growth through
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a leader that can know the road ahead of time and yes it will draw a lot of harsh words but that is just what they are are harsh words and they can make a person strong or weak that is up to the person and not us to judge
a strong, enforceable Patients' Bill of Rights
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an American general ruling over Iraq
May be identified, investigated or researched in both organisational settings and community settings.
Issues identified by caregivers that require attention in the plan of care.
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a little more balance
a little more exposure
requirements; conditions or circumstances motivating some course of action
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a tip to conduct a life style audit in the field
Products and services that people must have to maintain a basic quality of life.
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a medical emergency during a mission
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a better story
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things that are required for people to live (p. 170)
The reasons why people buy/consume sport products.
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a two stage switch
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a change agent, and change