Definitions for "Arnold"
United States general and traitor in the American Revolution; in 1780 his plan to surrender West Point to the British was foiled (1741-1801)
Arnold was the title of a comic strip by Kevin Mc Cormick that ran in a few newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press, from 1983 through 1988. The main characters were Arnold, a strange, volatile child, and Tommy, his well-meaning and clueless friend. Arnold often yelled "ACK" or "AWK" at random moments, and both characters had run-ins with the school cafeteria ladies, specifically Arnold who referred to mayonnaise as WHITE DEATH at the top of his lungs.
Arnold is a lunar crater that is located in the north-northeastern part of the visible Moon, near the lunar limb. This location gives the crater a notably oval appearance due to foreshortening, although the formation is actually relatively round. It lies to the northeast of the Mare Frigoris, to the north of Democritus crater.
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Founded in 1906 by Karl Arnold in Nürnberg, K. Arnold & Co. began its life producing tin toys and related items. They produced an extensive line of model ships, doll house items and other toys.
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English poet and literary critic (1822-1888)