Definitions for "Lunar"
Of or pertaining to the moon; as, lunar observations.
Resembling the moon; orbed.
Measured by the revolutions of the moon; as, a lunar month.
The middle bone of the proximal series of the carpus; -- called also semilunar, and intermedium.
The Lunar games, made by Game Arts and published in the United States by Working Designs, and later, Ubisoft, are a series of console RPGs. The original releases of The Silver Star and Eternal Blue, for Mega CD/Sega CD, were later remade for the Sega Saturn with considerable story, graphical, and musical changes; these remakes were later ported to the Sony Play Station. The first game was also ported to the Microsoft Windows computer platform in Japan and Korea, and was later remade for the Game Boy Advance.
The more inclusive term for the subjective, individual, multitudinous and creative pole of Yeats's overarching duality, represented in incarnate life by the antithetical Tincture: ‘the Tinctures belong to a man's life while in the body, and Solar and Lunar may transcend that body' ( AV A 139). See Solar and Lunar in relation to the Tinctures.
One of the seven primary body types. Its positive pole is luminous, its negative pole is pallid. Lunar types tend to have pale skin, round faces, and "baby fat." They tend to be slow to react, and to excel at abstract thought.
cool, hip; very. -- a military measure, short for megadeath: one million deaths or the equivalent in injuries or decreased lifespans.
A screen magnification software package. It is also a component of the Supernova software.
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A lunar distance.
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New and improved every other year. Except for the “new” part.