Definitions for "Waxing"
Keywords:  ripped, unwanted, strip, hot, hair
Warm wax (usually honeycomb wax) or cloth dipped in wax is applied to various parts of the body, including legs, arms, upper lip or brow for removal of unwanted hair. Just as the wax dries the strip is pulled quickly and hair is removed all the way to the roots. Results last for three to six weeks. Can be painful for delicate areas, but achieves smoother results than shaving and removes hair for a longer period of time. Also called depilatory waxing.
a method of removing unwanted hair using hot or cold wax.
A method of hair removal that uses hot wax to pull hairs from the follicle.
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The phase of the lunation cycle from new Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) to full (Sun/Moon opposition) during which the Moon appears to grow larger, increasing in light.
Refers to the phase of the moon when it is getting bigger (fuller).
Growing, increasing. The period of growth from New Moon to Full Moon.
Keywords:  caldo, depilazione, ceretta
"ceretta, depilazione a caldo"
It is an expression which is used in the marble finishing trade to indicate the filling of natural voids with colour-blended materials.
An expression used in the marble finishing trade to indicate the filling of natural voids with color blended material.
Coating or impregnating of paper or board with paraffin or wax
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Applying an edible wax to some fruits and vegetables to help maintain a fresh, bright appearance and to preserve product quality.
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Showing evidence of wax.
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the application of wax to a surface