Definitions for "Shampoo"
To wash throughly and rub the head of (a person), with the fingers, using either soap, or a soapy preparation, for the more thorough cleansing.
cleansing agent consisting of soaps or detergents used for washing the hair
the act of washing your hair with shampoo
To press or knead the whole surface of the body of (a person), and at the same time to stretch the limbs and joints, in connection with the hot bath.
a traditional Indian and Persian body
The word 'shampoo' or 'champi' was popularized in England in 1785 by Mr Dean Mahomed who was the first Indian writer to be published in English with his book "The Travels of Dean Mahomet". He opened a bath in Brighton and also became assistant to Sir Basil Cochrane at his vapour bath in Cochrane Square, London. He became known as the 'shampooing surgeon' as he introduced the Indian therapeutic massage of shampooing and made it popular in Brighton and fashionable amongst the London clientele.
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Shampoo is a 1975 motion picture directed by Hal Ashby, and starring Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn, and Lee Grant. The film was set in 1968, the night before Richard Nixon was first elected to the White House, and was released as the Watergate scandal was reaching its messy conclusion; the political atmosphere of the setting therefore provides a source of dramatic irony, since the audience, but not the characters, are aware of the direction the Nixon presidency would eventually take. However, the main theme of the film is not presidential politics but sexual politics; it is renowned for its sharp satire of late-1960s sexual and social mores.
Shampoo (珊璞 Shānpú or シャンプー Shanpū) is an important supporting character in Rumiko Takahashi's anime and manga series Ranma ½.
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a traditional India n and Persia n body massage given after pouring warm water over the body and rubbing it with extracts from herbs
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A liquid used to keep the visor from fogging over.
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a Program that PUT SPYWARE INTO COMPUTERS and received tons of spam and other things from them
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a non-prescription (OTC) product
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a part of your spa experience
a mixture of ingredients which can be classified according to the jobs that they do
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The act of shampooing.