Definitions for "Emulsifier"
An agent used to make an emulsion, which is a mixture of liquids, minute globules of one being suspended in a second that doesn't dissolve the first.
A catalyst which aids in the formation of an emulsion – a suspension of oil in a watery medium.
A substance that combines two unmixable liquids such as oil and water so that small globules of one liquid are suspended in the second liquid.
a hydrocarbon chain with one end being hydrophobic and the other, hydrophilic
see emulsifying agent
a natural or synthetic chemical agent that maintains or creates an emulsion
A thickening agent added to products to change their physical composition. For example, it can turn a lotion into a cream.
Could be of animal origin, and should be considered suspect unless source is known.
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Emulsion End cap
To make into an emulsion.