Definitions for "Synthetic"
Of or pertaining to synthesis; consisting in synthesis or composition; as, the synthetic method of reasoning, as opposed to analytical.
Artificial. Cf. Synthesis, 2.
Artificially created gemstones, with the same appearance, physical and chemical properties. However, these are produced as real diamonds.
Any man-made material used in manufacturing; examples: microsuede, polyester, acetate, etc.
A man made material. Oils of this type typically have less wear than conventional oil.
Lubricating oil possessing a base oil that has been manufactured from chemical constituents rather than by conventional refining of petroleum some examples include Polyalphaolefin, (PAO), Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG), and Diesters.
Made up of parts. Assembled. More than the sum of the components. Opposite of analytic (taking apart).
alg. sem.] Concerning the production of signs intended to have certain meanings. Opposite of analytic. Design is synthetic.
a statement or item of knowledge which is known to be true because of its connection with some intuition. (Cf. analytic.)
A strategy that uses options to mimic the underlying asset. Both long and short synthetics are strategies in the Trade Finder. The long synthetic combines a long call and a short put to mimic a long position in the underlying. The short synthetic combines a short call and a long put to mimic a short position in the underlying. In both cases, both the call and put have the same strike price, the same expiration, and are on the same underlying.
See Derivative.
systematic combining of root and modifying elements into single words
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taha wairua tangata whenua taonga
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See periphrastic.
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Aperture Radar (SAR) A radar imaging system in which high resolution in the azimuth direction is achieved by utilizing the Doppler principle to give the effect of a very long antenna.
of a proposition whose truth value is determined by observation or facts; "`all men are arrogant' is a synthetic proposition"
Comprising within itself structural or other characters which are usually found only in two or more diverse groups; -- said of species, genera, and higher groups. See the Note under Comprehensive, 3.
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Any gemstone grown in a lab. They are "real" gemstones, but they are not "real" diamonds, rubies, etc.
Not real, as for example the objects in a computer-generated three-dimensional model.
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Refers to anything not of organic source
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Synthetic is a term used to describe man-made products.