Definitions for "mimic "
mimic is a server that mimics Internet servers. It includes imitators for ftpd and telnetd, and can be extended with scripting to support other types of imitation. Users will believe they are connected to authentic services but will never be able to log in. Everything that they type is logged. In addition, scripting new imitator services is simple.
Imitative; mimetic.
Consisting of, or formed by, imitation; imitated; as, mimic gestures.
Mimic is a 1997 science fiction horror film, directed by Guillermo del Toro, with a script inspired by a short story of the same name by Donald A. Wollheim. The movie was followed by two sequels, Mimic 2 (2001), and Mimic 3: Sentinel (2003), forming a trilogy.
Mimic (Calvin Montgomery Rankin) is a Marvel Comics character, who was briefly a member of the X-Men. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Werner Roth, he first appeared in X-Men vol. 1 #19 (April 1966).
A multileaf collimator manufactured by NOMOSĀ® . The MIMiCĀ® is designed especially for delivering intensity modulated treatments. It can be mounted on a variety of linear accelerators including some older, analog models for which other multileaf collimators are not available.
A mimic is a shapechanging aberration in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.
MIMIC, known in capitalized form only, is a former simulation computer language developed 1964 by H. E. Petersen, F. J. Sansom and L.
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The VDU associated with most medium and large lighting desks has a detailed mimic of the level of all dimmers and other associated information.
someone who mimics (especially an actor or actress)
to copy the sound, color, odor, or other characteristic of an object or organism.
a person who copies another person's characteristics
Mini manipulation Minimum maintenance