Definitions for "RazorBack "
Keywords:  hog, boar, southeastern, arkansas, wild
a mongrel hog with a thin body and long legs and a ridged back; a wild or semi-wild descendant of improved breeds; found chiefly in the southeastern United States
having a sharp narrow back; "a razor-backed horse"; "razorback hogs"
a long-legged hog with a ridged back common in the southeastern United States
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The rorqual.
Razorback is a Filipino hard rock band formed in 1990. Originally known for being regulars at the now-defunct Kalye, a club in Makati, the band had proven their onstage mettle many times over, via their own club gigs to full-scale concerts as well as for having opened for Rage Against the Machine and Metallica.
any of several baleen whales of the family Balaenopteridae having longitudinal grooves on the throat and a small pointed dorsal fin
RazorBack is a log analysis program that interfaces with the SNORT open source Intrusion Detection System to provide real time visual notification when an intrusion signature has been detected on the network. RazorBack is designed to work within the GNOME framework on Unix platforms.