Definitions for "Pika"
Keywords:  ochotona, rocky, hare, rabbit, mammal
Any one of several species of tailless rodents of the genus Ochotona (formerly Lagomys), resembling small rabbits, but with short ears alnd legs. They inhabit the high mountains of Asia and America. Called also calling hare, and crying hare and rock rabbit. See Chief hare.
Guinea-pig size, round ears; rocky slope dweller.
small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America
Keywords:  tep, kappa, broke, fraternity, mit
pika is the co-ed independent living group at MIT that was originally the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, before they broke off to go co-ed. TEP and pika are generally on pretty good terms, attending each other's social events, and playing jokes on each other, and many a relationship has occurred between the two.
Keywords:  cuckoo, indian
Indian cuckoo.
Keywords:  soviet, knife, former, whole, slang
slang word for a knife. This is slang for the whole former Soviet Union.