Definitions for "bobcat"
Keywords:  cub, scout, tiger, rank, webelos
A Cub Scout rank, earned by every new Cub by learning the Cub Scout Law, Cub Scout Promise, Cub Scout Sign, etc.
The first rank of Cub Scouting (after Tiger Cubs); a newcomer to the Cub Scout program who is generally seven or eight-years-old.
The first rank for all boys who join Cub Scouting at age 8. (see Tiger Cub.)
Keywords:  lynx, rufus, stubby, cat, desert
small lynx (Lynx rufus) of North America.
The North American lynx (Lynx rufus). The "bob" refers to the cat's stubby tail. [1888
a small wild cat that has small ear tufts, a broad cheek ruff and a short stubby tail
Keywords:  borabora
a small, quiet, very efficient killer (fitting for this cartridge)
a small, rubber tired front end loader that can easily and quickly be converted to a forklift or dozer
a small, tough, scrappy wildcat
an ongoing series of accounts and reflections of the on the road experiences of a Bob Dylan fan, ie me, which are published erratically in The Telegraph
The HP Bobcat was a computer made by Hewlett Packard. They were also called series 300 machines, which were part of the HP 9000 line.
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a possible sighting on the Arizona tour
Keywords:  pistol, auto, semi, fires
a semi-auto pistol which fires the
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a secondary consumer