Definitions for "Siamese"
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Of or pertaining to Siam, its native people, or their language.
A native or inhabitant of Siam; pl., the people of Siam.
a native or inhabitant of Thailand
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A siamese hose appliance is used to combine multiple hose lines into a single line. It usually consists of female inlets and a male outlet.
connecting two or more pipes or hoses or having such a connection; "a Y-shaped siamese joint"; "siamese fire-hose lines"
Hose fitting (preferably gated) for combining flow from two or more lines of hose into a single stream; one male coupling to two female couplings. see also: Reversible Siamese; Wye
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The language of the Siamese.
a branch of the Tai languages
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a lighter color phase of the sable coat color.
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Style of juggling where two people stand side by side as if joined at the hip & juggle a pattern using one arm each (usually the outside arms).
very similar