Definitions for "Nozzle"
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A short outlet, or inlet, pipe projecting from the end or side of a hollow vessel, as a steam-engine cylinder or a steam boiler.
A projecting aperture at the end of a tube, pipe etc. serving as an outlet for compressed air. Reduces the demand on the compressor by generating the highest thrust and volume for the lowest possible air consumption. ( 099)
The stationary seating surface, the inlet of a valve. ( 055)
The orifice or jet through which fuel passes when it is discharged into a carburetor.
i) air-blast. nozzle using high-velocity air to break up liquid supplied at low pressure ii) anvil. nozzle in which liquid jet strikes smooth solid surface at high angle of incidence iii) cone (or swirl). nozzle in which liquid emerges from orifice with tangential velocity component imparted by passage through one or more tangential or helical channels in swirl chamber iv) deflector. nozzle in which fan shaped sheet of spray is formed by directing liquid over sharply inwardly curving surface v) fan. nozzle in which two streams of liquid are caused to converge, producing on impact fan-shaped sheet of liquid
The nozzle has two purposes. The pilot arc is struck between the electrode and the nozzle, the nozzle being connected to the other side of the High-frequency generator. Once the pilot arc has struck and when the main-arc is produced, the small orifice in the end of the nozzle constricts the arc. During its life, under normal the orifice in the end of the nozzle increases in diameter. If any of the molten metal produced during piercing is deflected back on the nozzle then the nozzle orifice may become misshapen. As the shape and size of the nozzle orifice changes, the cut quality will deteriorate. Typically the nozzle is replaced at the same time as the electrode or perhaps every two electrodes.
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The tubular tip of a caulking gun through which the compound is extruded.
Pump attachment such as a f ountain head that creates various water patterns and assists in aeration of the pond water.
Early inkjet printers used pressure released through a small opening to spray ink, that area of release was concealed in the nozzle.
The device through which protons are delivered to the patient. At Loma Linda, proton beam delivery begins in the accelerator, where an ion source generates protons. The accelerator (synchrotron) energizes the protons to a prescribed energy and sends them to the beam transport system, which sends the beam to the treatment rooms. Each treatment room has a nozzle, which looks much like the nozzle of a water hose and is the final element in the beam delivery system. The nozzle not only delivers the beam to the patient, but also monitors beam uniformity, alignment, and dose delivered.
The portion of the rocket motor which accelerates the gases to sonic velocity at the narrowest part of the nozzle (the throat) then expands them to greater velocity in the exit cone. In experimental rocketry this is generally turned on a lathe from graphite and /or phenolic.
channel through which gas is conveyed to the rotor vanes of a turbine. Its purpose is to convert pressure into velocity.
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A burner component that atomizes, meters and patterns fuel oil into the heat exchanger / fire-pot.
Tiny tubes, which allow for a heated ink bubble to travel through as it cools. Also, the one vital area of the print head which needs to be cleaned occasionally or replaced.
The vital part of the burner, which emits and burns the vaporised gas.
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The nose; the snout; hence, the projecting vent of anything; as, the nozzle of a bellows.
A short tube, usually tapering, forming the vent of a hose or pipe.
A small conical tool, used with the piping bag, to force out pulp or batter in various floral / leaf or other fancy shapes.
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bigeye tuna.
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A thin hollow tube. See fuel injector nozzle.
a relatively simple device, just a specially shaped tube
Usually, when someone says "nozzle" they are either referring to the complete nozzle assembly (mixing tube + Jewel + nozzle body and perhaps some plumbing.) Other times, "nozzle" is used as a synonym for Mixing Tube.
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The holder for a candle
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the part of a pencil which holds the lead
The tip of the sample probe inserted into the stack to sample the stack gas. These nozzles come in a number of opening sizes corresponding to the flow rate needed for the sampling period.
An air terminal device designed to generate a low energy loss and thus produce a maximum throw by minimum entertainment.
a mechanical device designed to control the characteristics of a fluid flow as
a mechanical device designed to control the flow of a liquid
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See Pop.
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(see monitor)
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informal terms for the nose
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Offer Open order Order