Definitions for "Thrust "
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To push or drive with force; to drive, force, or impel; to shove; as, to thrust anything with the hand or foot, or with an instrument.
To make a push; to attack with a pointed weapon; as, a fencer thrusts at his antagonist.
To enter by pushing; to squeeze in.
A move in which the swimmer begins in the back pike position, with the legs perpendicular to the surface, then moves the legs and hips rapidly upward, unrolling the body to to assume the vertical position.
A move that starts from a back pike position with the legs perpendicular to the surface and involves a rapid vertical upward movement of the legs and hips as the body unrolls to assume the vertical position.
Thrust is a Canadian hip hop artist from Toronto. He is most known for the 1998 single "Northern Touch" which featured Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Rascalz and Checkmate.
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To stab; to pierce; -- usually with through.
A violent push or driving, as with a pointed weapon moved in the direction of its length, or with the hand or foot, or with any instrument; a stab; -- a word much used as a term of fencing.
a thrusting blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument; "one strong stab to the heart killed him"
Form of stage which projects into the auditorium so that the audience are seated on at least two sides of the extended piece.
A type of stage which projects out into the auditorium and has audience seated on three sides.
A stage configuration in which the playing area protrudes into the audience; the actors have audience on three sides of them.
A type of fault where the rocks that lie above the fault are carried up with respect to those below. Consequently they thicken rock layers up - an expression of contractional deformation. Thrusts are one of the building blocks of mountain belts formed by continent-continent collision (e.g. Alps, Himalayas).
low angle reverse fault
A low-angle fault (or fracture) over which rocks are transported, with the direction of transportation up the dip of the fault. Thrusts form when the Earth's crust is placed under compression, such as in zones of continental collision.
An attack; an assault.
A sharp accented movement of any part of the body. A sudden impulse usually associated with isolated movements that attack and withdraw quickly.
An attack made with a straight movement of the blade, landing with the point.
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Thrust is a rewrite of the classic Commodore 64 game of the same name, ported to Un*x and MSDOS. The object of the game is to lift the Klystron Pod from the bottom of a cave and return it safely to space. The Pod is very heavy , and this makes it tougher than it may seem.
Thrust is a computer game originally for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron. The game idea is based on arcade game Gravitar. The player controls a spaceship in corridors by rotating, thrusting and shooting.
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Thrust is a Herbie Hancock fusion album released in 1974. It served as a follow up to Herbie's 1973 album Head Hunters, and achieved similar commercial success, as the album reached as high as number 13 on the Billboard Hot 200 LP listing. The lineup for Thrust is Herbie Hancock on keys, Bennie Maupin on reeds, Paul Jackson on the electric bass, Bill Summers on percussion, and Mike Clark on drums.
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a loss in mass with a gain in momentum
A comparison between the price difference of successively lower pivot bottoms or higher pivot tops. For example, a reduction in the difference between pivot bottoms shows loss of momentum; an increase in the difference shows increased momentum.
verbal criticism; "he enlivened his editorials with barbed thrusts at politicians"
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place or put with great energy; "She threw the blanket around the child"; "thrust the money in the hands of the beggar"
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The method of underground construction where two pilot holes are dug and a bore is thrust through from the lead hole through to the end hole. This method is generally effective up to 20 metres, if distance is greater see Drill.
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The complete extension of the swordarm.
The breaking down of the roof of a gallery under its superincumbent weight.
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an absolute rarity these days
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See Skewer above.
Thrust is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers Universes.
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Refers to the side load placed on bearing surfaces or gear assemblies while the engine/transmission is running.